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Life story
June 20, 2011
Born on June 20, 2011.
January 1, 2019
December 2012 you were brought into my life, Through hardship, neglect, hurt, and pain, i accepted you with open arms not knowing what YOU'VE been through in your life, or how someone treated you so terrible, I could see it in your eyes the moment you walked through that door you've been treated wrong for Soo long and it hurt me soo much to see you that way, that's when our journey began,

I begin to nurture you back to good health you we're  only 40lbs if that when I first met you you've completely changed my life gave me hope when my father passed away 2012 you were my comfort you were my joy you were everything that I needed at that moment in time because I was dealing with so much and you gave me healing you gave me joy you gave me a sense of hope that everything was going to be okay you made me smile through some of my toughest times in life you showed me what it's like to love and to have someone that loves you soo much ,that is so loyal, I enjoyed every moment that I had to spend with you whether it was seeing you at the door when I came home from work weather it was just spending a weekday with you on the couch whether it was watching you act silly be playful and bring joy to my life you were the very best that I could ever ask for, you are the true definition of a daughter even though you were a pitbull you were my pitbull a lot of people misjudged you saw you as a danger to society but when I met you I did not see that you were a danger to society you were everything that I could ask for and more,  you are so sweet so loving so caring although you didn't like other dogs that's okay because I understood why. Given the circumstances that you were raised in it changed your life forever and I knew that it was going to take some time to understand you to help you to show you that everything was going to be okay,

You were my everything there's nothing in this world that I would rather have in my life than you I would go to war for you I will go to hell and back for you just to see you happy you've been an absolute wonderful companion over the years that we spent together I will never stop loving you I will never stop caring and thinking of you you will always be in my heart you will always be my number one you will always be the very best you are my princess you are my daughter forever and always love your Pitbull mom rest in peace.
January 6, 2019
Passed away on January 6, 2019.